Active monitoring for Agricultural Robots

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AGR-o-RAMA project aims at the study of autonomous intelligent drones capable of actively monitoring a field in order to identify and map features of interests (e.g., weed or pests) that could be distributed heterogeneously within the field.
Moving beyond the classical approach of a uniform coverage of the field with predetermined mission plans for remote sensing, AGR-o-RAMA proposes to adaptively define the sampling frequency and resolution in order to focus on the areas of interest, while mildly monitoring areas that are devoid of relevant features.
Active monitoring strategies will be developed and tested both with a single drone and with groups of drones. In the latter case, the drones will coordinate to explore the field in parallel and collaborate to identify the areas of interest, maximising both efficiency and accuracy.


AGR-o-RAMA project is a collaborative project funded under the POR FESR 2014-2020 Programme of the Lazio region.
It involves the following institutions: